A.T. 'BERTIE' BROWN (1887-1974)

Bertie Brown's Charlie Chaplin (with the Kid) as he appeared in Funny Wonder early 1930s - original artwork
Bertie Brown's Piggywigs as published in the pages of Sunbeam circa 1930s - original board (detail)
Bertie Brown's Red Skelton as he appeared in Film Fun 09 August 1952 - original board (detail)

Bertie Brown drew for the comics of the Amalgamated Press for more than half a century (c.1908-1959) and his work appeared on the front and inside pages of every important Golden Age humour comic. During that time he drew up to half a million pictures. Brown's first published work was for James Henderson's Scraps. He became an AP staff artist in 1908. Early titles he contributed to were Chips, Comic Cuts, Merry & Bright and Butterfly. After the 1914-1918 war (he was enlisted in the Royal Field Artillery) Brown contributed to Rainbow, Puck, and Jester and a score of other titles. He drew Charlie Chaplin in Funny Wonder from 1915: Brown was the first in the world to depict Charlie in comic form and his was the definitive version. He also drew Will Hay for Jolly Comic and went on to draw various other personality sets in titles such as Radio Fun and T.V. Fun. Bertie Brown was one of the AP's most prolific artists and one of the most respected by editors and colleagues.

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