CYRIL PRICE (1905-1970)

Cyril Price's The Jolly Days as they appeared in Comic Cuts in the late 1930s - original board (detail)
Quip and Cranky from Comic Cuts circa 1934 - original board (detail)

Cyril Gwyn Price, also known under the pen names of 'Gwynne', 'Kim' and 'Spike', was a Welsh artist, an ex-miner who, when the mines closed, began contributing drawings to the Bristol Evening World.

From the 1930s he was a front page and interior artist for the comic weeklies of the Amalgamated Press and worked on titles such as Illustrated Chips (Private Potts: 1934), Comic Cuts (Quip and Cranky: 1934 and The Jolly Days: 1939), Joker (Bert and Daisy: 1937), Jolly (1938) and Butterfly.

Later he worked for the Daily Graphic on the Whisker's strip which was collected into at least two Whisker's Annuals (the editor of which called Cyril Price "the foremost animal artist for children in the country"). Later still his work appeared in T.V. Comic, Top Spot, Thunder, Smash! and Pow!

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