DON NEWHOUSE (18??-195?)

Don Newhouse's Crackers the Pup as it appeared in Crackers in the late 1930s - original boards (detail)

Don Newhouse drew mainly for the comics of the Amalgamated Press (AP) but started his career contributing to the comic papers published by James Henderson. These were The Big Comic (1917), Comic Life (1917) and Lot-O'Fun (1919). When Henderson's company and its titles were taken over by the AP in 1920 he continued to work for the new owners.

Around then he took on an assistant, Roy Wilson, and it was partly because of Newhouse's tutorage that Wilson later came to be regarded as one of Britain's finest comic artists. After some years Wilson was able to use Newhouse's style better than he could and started to submit work on his own. Newhouse continued to work solo for the AP throughout the 1930s. Perhaps the best known regular feature he drew was Crackers the Pup for the weekly comic Crackers, he also drew Gus Grit the Ancient Brit for Jester.

His last known work was in the 1940s and 1950s for the publications of Gerald G. Swan. Don Newhouse was an extremely talented artists whose capabilities have been frequently ignored due to his being overshadowed by his former assistant. He died in the 1950s.

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