ERIC ROBERTS (1915?-1983)

Eris Roberts' Podge as he appeared in the Dandy late 1930s.
Eris Roberts' Mike as he appeared in the Knockout early 1950s - original board (detail).

Eric Roberts first work appeared in the 1930s in weeklies such as Tit-Bits and Answers. His early work for the comics was Podge in the Dandy (published by D.C. Thompson) from the first issue in 1937. He also contributed work to the Dandy's companion the Beano (eg: Good King Coke).

Two of Roberts' best known features were Mike and Billy Bunter for Amalgamated Press' Knockout comic. He also drew for the short-run comics issued by small publishers in the 1940s (eg: Challenger, Full-O-Fun). In the 1950s he returned to the Dandy and then he was back at the AP with Sinbad Simms (1957) and Niblo Nibbs (1960) for Knockout before returning to the Dandy again with Winker Watson. He retired in 1980.

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