H. S. FOXWELL (1890-1943)

Foxwell's Mrs. Bunty's Boarding School as they appeared in Bubbles in the early 1930s - original board (detail)
Foxwell art on a Teddy Tail greeting card - circa 1937

Herbert Sydney Foxwell was born in 1890 in London and started his contributions to comics around 1913 with a strip in The Favourite Comic. During the First World War Foxwell served in the Army but still contributed to two other comics The Rainbow and Puck.

Tiger Tim and friends first appeared as a colour supplement to The World and his Wife, a journal aimed at governesses etc. way back in the 1870s or 80s. The originator of the strip was Julius Stafford Baker (2nd of that name), from whom Foxwell took over and succeeded in making it his own. By the 1920s he had become the principal artist for Amalgamated Press' nursery weeklies Tiger Tim's Weekly, Rainbow, Playbox and Bubbles where he demonstrated an unsurpassable talent for drawing comic animals.

For Rainbow he created some wonderful colour give-away posters like this one from the issue for 05 February 1921.

In 1933 Foxwell left the AP to work for the Daily Mail newspaper where he worked exclusively on their strip Teddy Tail. Teddy Tail became so popular that a Teddy Tail Club was started with various give-aways being offered: amongst which were a wonderfully drawn series of greeting cards illustrated by Foxwell. He also contributed to the Sunday Dispatch Junior Section called Jolly Jack's Weekly where he worked on Professor Simple and Chubby. Foxwell was one of the few artists permitted to sign his work, either with 'Foxwell' or 'HSF'. His work saw publication in several other countries too, including France and Italy. He died in 1943 of natural causes. Foxwell was one of the finest comic animal artists Britain has produced; a giant of the Golden Age.

Tiger Tim was to continue into the 1950s under the hands of Albert (Charlie) Pease and Julius Stafford Baker, the third. JSB3 had previously worked for the AP before WW2 on both Rainbow and Playbox. He was the War Artist for the R.A.F. in WW2. His paintings are in Hendon and many museums the world over, but comic fame escaped him.

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