G.W. WAKEFIELD (1887-1942)

G.W. Wakefield's Laurel and Hardy as they appeared in Film Fun 18 Jul 1940 - original board (detail)

George William Wakefield contributed to comics from around 1906-1942, mostly for the Amalgamated Press including Butterfly, Comic Cuts, Favourite, Firefly, Larks, Merry & Bright, Puck, Sparkler and many more. He was frequently allocated the important page one spot. But it was for Film Fun (1920-1962) that he secured his reputation as one of the master penmen of the Golden Age. For the film weekly he drew most of the great stars of the day from Ben Turpin, Jackie Coogan, Laurel and Hardy, Joe E. Brown, Wheeler & Woolsey to Max Miller, Lupino Lane and many more.

Wakefield's depictions of all of these was definitive, never to be done better anywhere on the globe.

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