Harry Pease's Perky Potter as it appeared in Cute Fun No.30 (publ. Gerald Swan) 1949 - original board (detail)

Harry E. Pease, brother of Charlie Pease, also worked for AP on such titles as Curly Pimple (Comic Cuts) and Professor Jolly's Magic Brolly (Illustrated Chips) prior to the war. Harry signed his strips as "HEP". No work seems to have been found for him during the 1939-1945 period leading to the supposition that he was serving in the forces, however he does re-surface in titles appearing after the war, mostly for Martin & Reid and Gerald Swan, including: Cute Fun, Merry Maker, Squibbs Tuppenny, Jolly Chuckles, Coloured Slick Fun and Comic Colour. None of his work appears after the early 1950's .

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