NORMAN WARD (1906-1959)

Norman Ward's Abbott & Costello as they appeared in Film Fun 09 June 1951 - original board (detail)

Norman Ward contributed to the comics of the Amalgamated Press (AP) for twenty five years, mainly for Film Fun. He was an ex-Telegraph Boy who later emmigrated to Australia, returning in 1932. His first published work was in George Newnes' Tit-Bits and his first regular weekly spot was for Detective Weekly (AP) in 1937 drawing cartoons about prisons and prisoners. Other titles quickly followed. In 1940 he began to draw for Film Fun. After the war (in which he served in the Royal Artillery) he returned to Film Fun to which he continued to contribute for some years. His comic depictions of Lou Abbott and Bud Costello are considered to be amongst his best work.

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