TOM RADFORD (18??-19??)

Tom Radford's Sydney Howard as it appeared in Film Fun dated 23 May 1936 - original board (detail)

Tom Radford was an artist who worked almost exclusively for the comics of the Amalgamated Press. His first recorded set was in 1909 (Beatrix Buttercup for Butterfly), and in 1910 he started The Shirkwork Brothers for Merry and Bright, a set that would keep these workshy brothers occupied for nearly 16 years. Between then and 1938 his work appeared in a dozen different titles including Favourite Comic, Puck, Jester, Chips, Firefly, Funny Wonder, Sunbeam and Chuckles.

In particular Tom Radford worked on a number of character sets for popular personalities of the time - now sadly, mostly unknown - for Film Fun (Winkle a.k.a. Harold Lloyd and Earle Montgomery & Joe Rock 1920, Percy & Ferdie 1921, Gale Henry 1924, Schnozzle Durante 1933, Jackie Cooper 1936, Sydney Howard 1936, Claude Dampier 1937, Claude Hulbert 1938). For Film Fun's companion weekly Kinema Comic he drew Max Linder: 1923. His brother Bill Radford also drew character sets for Film Fun. This led to confusion in the editorial offices with AP staff occasionally sending payments to the wrong brother. Not surprising as both brothers also worked on each others strips, Bill taking on Harold Lloyd and Tom working on Sydney Howard - thus leading to all sorts of confusion. He was the regular artist for Harold Lloyd for many years.

The work of both Radford brothers is rare. Originals of Harold Lloyd are extremely rare.

Tom Radford's Harold Lloyd as he appeared in Film Fun dated 29 May 1937 - original board (detail)


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