Terry Wakefield's Terry Thomas as he appeared in Film Fun 10 May 1958 - original board (detail)
Terry Wakefield's Peter Sellers as he appeared in Film Fun 20 August 1958 - original board (detail)

Terry Wakefield was the son of George William (Bill) Wakefield the principal artist of Film Fun. From an early age Terry assisted Wakefield senior with his work and learned how to bil.e a comic artist. At the age of 14 Terry became his father’s full-time assistant and later attended Richmond Art School. This resulted in Terry starting work in 1927 as a member of the Amalgamated Press.

He subsequently contributed to titles such as Tiny Tots, Joker, Tip Top and Butterfly. His first solo work for Film Fun was for a free gift supplement: “The Laurel and Hardy Book of Wisecracks”.

During the 1939-1945 war Terry served in the Royal Artillery Anti-Aircraft as a Rank Gunner and, later, in the King’s Own Yorkshire Light Infantry when he was wounded while serving in Italy. After being demobbed in 1945, and following his father’s death in 1942, he took over Laurel and Hardy who were still appearing on the front and back pages of Film Fun.

He drew the pair for the next twelve years until 1957 when the feature was dropped after the death of Oliver Hardy. Other personalities Terry drew during this period were George Formby, Peter Sellers, Red Skelton, Tony Hancock and Terry Thomas. Terry Wakefield and his father made huge and important contributions to British comics. Moreover, Terry was one of the nicest and friendliest of men who was a credit to his profession, family and country.

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