WILLIAM (Bill) RADFORD (18??-19??)

Bill Radford's rough for a Harold Lloyd episode as it was presented to the editor of Film Fun circa-1920 - original artwork (click on the image to see the complete page)

William (Bill) Radford was the brother of Tom Radford who also drew for the Amalgamated Press. His first recorded work was for Chuckles (Little Tommy Treddles) in 1914 and he also drew Dick Whittington in 1919.

He went on to work for Merry & Bright (I. Screamo 1920, Will Evans 1921, Rambling Rose 1933), Jungle Jinks (Little Sticko 1923), Kinema Comic (Harry Langdon 1928) Illustrated Chips (Dusty Dude 1935), Funny Wonder (Lariat Len 1926), Film Fun (Lupino Lane 1929, Harold Lloyd, Ben & Charlie (aka Ben Turpin & Charlie Lynn: Lynn later achieving further fame as Charlie Conklin), Sydney Howard), Kinema Comic (Harry Langdon: 1928) and Jester (Tommy Tucker) taking over the strip from Bertie Brown.

The styles of brothers Bill and Tom Radford were so similar that even AP sent the wrong cheques to the wrong brothers.

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