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Artist and sculpture William Timym was born in Austria in 1901 and came to Britain after the German occupation of his country in 1939.

Timym (who signed his work "Tim") was particularly attracted to animal characters, and indeed during the latter part of his life became a prime mover in the World Wildlife Fund (WWF): he received the Medal of the British Empire (MBE) for his work in the WWF in 1988 - just two years prior to his death.

Original Caesar art by William (Tim) Timym circa 1947.
This hardback was published in 1949 and is, to my knowledge, the only Caesar compilation ever done.
This was published by the Brockhurst Press in the 1950s and also drawn by TIM - but there is no connection with the Caesar of the newspaper strip































Caesar is an Afghan hound whose adventures are completely devoid of text, speech or thought bubbles - the action is moved along by the artwork alone. Having been featured in the Sunday Graphic newspaper for over 10 years, it is interesting that Caesar was popular enough to be featured in the D.C. Thompson comic The Beezer (in full colour and from the usual four frames to eight frames) between 1958 and 59. The Sunday Graphic ceased publication in 1960.

During the 1960's Timym became involved in animation for the popular BBC TV childrens Programme - Blue Peter. For Blue Peter he drew Bengo (a miscevious Boxer puppy)and Bleep and Booster (about a boy and his alien). Memory tells me that both Bengo and Bleep and Booster were both strips in their own right and published in the Radio Times - can anyone confirm that?

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