The Affairs of Eve
Daily Sketch
23NOV1953 - ?? 1955


Arthur Ferrier
Peter O'Donnell

Eve is a would-be model / actress /dancer in London looking for her "big break". Eve was the Daily Sketch's response to the Daily Mirror's Jane and Ferrier their answer to Norman Pett, both artists having specialised in glamour strips. Unlike Jane she is quite sedate and although she is seen in a number of "costume changes" this is primarily an adventure series with a theatre backdrop. Her escapades range through the mystery genre with Eve usually getting involved in uncovering some mystery or other. Romantic interests there are aplenty, but nothing to stop her determination of making it in the West End.

Eve's first appearance on 23 November 1953 - original board
13 November 1954- original board

Arthur John Ferrier was born in Glasgow on 15 November 1890, the son of John Ferrier, an organist. He went to Glasgow Technical College to study analytical chemistry, but drew cartoons in his spare time. With the encouragement of George Whitelaw, cartoonist on the Glasgow Evening News, Ferrier supplied cartoons to the Glasgow Evening News. Ferrier began contributing to Punch in 1918, and in 1919 he moved to London, where he married Evelyn Brown, another artist and illustrator. Still working as a chemist, Ferrier drew cartoons for the Sunday Pictorial, now being edited by his former editor at the Glasgow Evening News. From 1923 he also provided theatre cartoons and caricatures for the News of the World. Ferrier drew for a wide range of publications, including London Opinion, The Humorist, Razzle, Passing Show, Strand, and Blighty.

In the 1930s, following the example of Norman Pett's Jane in the Daily Mirror, he began creating a series of glamour strip cartoons which made him famous. These included Film Fannie for Everybody’s, Our Dumb Blonde for the Sunday Pictorial (1939-46), Spotlight on Sally for the News of the World (from 1945), and Eve for the Daily Sketch (1953-56). Ferrier stopped working for the News of the World in 1959, but continued to do commercial and advertising work. Ferrier died in London on 27 May 1973.

The first strip in the series starts with Eve getting fired from the line-up of a West End musical - an inauspicious start.

Good strong artwork by Ferrier whose first daily strip - meaning continous story line - this was: Arthur Ferrier had been producing one-off captioned cartoons for many years before the Daily Sketch persuaded him to try a daily strip with a continous storyline.

It was Ferrier who grabbed the headlines, but interestingly enough it was Peter O'Donnell (Tug Transom, and later Modesty Blaise et al) that was called on to write the anonymous scripts.

No collected editions or compilations of this strip can be traced. Stories traced to date:

Title Strip numbers Date
Eve - original no title A001 - 052 23 NOV 1953
Sirena A053 - 25 JAN 1954
Johnny the Jerk A128 - 23 APR 1954
Target for TV A248 - 1954
Eve in Paris A299 - 09 NOV 1954


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