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01OCT 1946 - 1951?


Jack Dunkley

1946, and the boys were coming home. The war had ended in 1945 but it was not until 1946 that the majority could looking forward to being de-mobbed (de-mobilized). On the Home Front the women were returning to their, often, shattered lives and trying to pick up the pieces of normality. Land girls, WACS, WAFS and Wrens were going home, meeting returning servicemen and settling down into a land fit for heroes. But there was a problem.

If you were twenty years old in 1946, then you would have been just thirteen when the war started. The realities of the war had actually meant that some parts of your education had been missed - and for girls that meant basic cookery. In this era of the baby boomer many young women simply did not know how to cook - add to that the fact that many basic cooking comodities were still rationed. It was not until the early 1950s that things like chocolate, spices and bananas started to appear in the shops in Britain.

Not to worry, the Daily Mirror had identified the problem and thus was born Patsy.

Patsy is a young newly-wed married to Peter - and she cannot even boil an egg! So with the help of Mum and two kindly neighbours, old Mrs Always and young Mrs Featherstone, she set out to teach herself to cook.

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