Carlo Jacono

Carlo Jacono's original Steel Claw cover art for Fleetway Super Library - Stupendous Series no.9

Carlo Jacono was born in Milan on 7th March 1929, and it was in Milan where he went on to graduate in Fine Art at the Bréra School of Art.

During his life he painted more than 3,000 covers covering all aspects of popular culture, including film posters and Pulp novels (the ever popular Italian 'Giallo' - the generic name given to police and crime novels whose earlier titles boasted yellow covers).

In the 1960's he was working for the Dami Art Agency and had the opportuntity of supplying artwork to the Fleetway group.

The cover on the left comes from the Fleetway Super Library (Stupendous Series No. 9) and features the Steel Claw.

He died on 7th June 2000.


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