Fleetway's "Artist Unknown"
Fleetway's "Artist Unknown"

During the 1950's and 60's the giant UK publishing group Fleetway produced more comics than they had artists to work on them. This in a time when a weekly sales figure per title was in the region of 300,000 (now sadly declining to around 80,000 per week - in 1950 the first issue of Eagle sold close to 1 million copies). So they turned to various foreign studios and freelance artists to draw the strips that they required. As the pre-dominent theme at that time were war stories, this in the main, is what was commissioned. However, many other types of strip were created by these artists whose strips, sadly, are sometimes more famous than they are. Here is a short biographical list of those that I know about, if you have further information, please get in touch.

Giancarlo Alessandrini Carlos Cruz Ivo Pavone
Sergio Asteriti Gino D'Antonio Hugo Pratt
Severino Baraldi Roberto Diso Nadir Quinto
Dino Battaglia Gallieno Ferri Carlos V.Roume
Guido Buzzelli Leone Frollo Ferdinando Tacconi
Jesús Blasco Alberto Giolitti and the Giolitti Studio Sergio Tarquinio
Amador García Cabrera Ruggero Giovannini Tom Tully (writer)
Kurt Caesar Horacio Lalia Mike Western
Renzo Calegari Francisco Solano Lopez Nevio Zeccara
Antonio Canale Erio Nicolo  
Arturo Del Castillo    



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