Luis Bermejo

Bermejo original art from Creepy 95.

Luis Bermejo Rojo was born in Madrid, Spain, in 1932. Bermejo is one of the great aventure strip artists of the Spanish school that includes the likes of José Ortiz. He was first encouraged to enter the field by Manuel Gago, and his first strip was El Rey del Mar for Valenciana which he produced in 1948. He went on to draw Polin, Poli y Pol (which appeared in Jamaito in 1951). However, in his native Spain he soon became well known for his very successful strip Aventuras del F.B.I. (scripted by Miguel Casquel), released in 1951. Spurred by this success he produced Sigu (1954), Federico Trotamundos (appeared in Chicos 1955), Roque Brio (1956), Pantera Negra (1956), Apache, (1958), and Bengala in 1959.

Via the Selecciones Illustradas (S.I.) art agency, he worked for Fleetway drawing Pike Mason for Boys World, Dick Daring, John Steele, Spy 13 and Dick Daring for Thriller Picture Library, plus of course the usual diet of war stories (Air Ace and War Picture Libraries). Bermejo took over the Phantom Force Five strip (in Buster) when Nevio Zeccara stopped working for Fleetway; he drew Heros the Spartan in the old Eagle (in 1966) taking over from the strip's creator Frank Bellamy, and he also worked on 10,000 Disasters of Dort (Lion) and News Team (for the new Eagle), and Johnny Future for Fantastic. By 1973 he was trying his hand on Fleetway's girl titles such as Polly in the Sun for Tina.

Los Aventuras del Capitán Trueno by Bermejo in 1987.

For the Italian publisher Bonelli, Bermejo worked on some of the last episodes of Gino D'Antonio's saga, Storia del West. Click here for more information.

Like many of his fellow Spanish artists, by the late 1970's he was attracted to the US market, primarily working for Warren on such magazines as Creepy, Eery and Vampirella.

In 1986 Bermejo started a new bi-weekly comic in the series Gallant Adventures, a magazine containing Los Aventuras del Capitán Trueno (The Adventures of Captain Thunder). Scripted by Víctor Moor, with all the drawings by Luis Bermejo, except for the last episode that was done by Jesús Redondo. The same comic also featured another Bermejo strip called El Sueno Eterno, this was scripted by Adriano and Jesus Blasco.

Bermejo has contributed work for many of the Spanish magazines including : Baladin, Cimoc, Comix Internacional, Hunter, 1984, and Zone 84.

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