Jesús Blasco

Blasco's The Steel Claw from the Valiant comic.

Jesús Blasco was born in Barcelona, Spain, on 3rd November 1919, the eldest of five brothers: one of whom, Alejandro Blasco, also contributed artwork for Billy the Kid (Sun) and Buffalo Bill (Comet) in the 1950's.

Jesús Blasco is considered to be one of the masters of Spanish comics, making his debut in 1935, when his first illustrations were published in the Spanish version of the magazine Mickey. For Boliche magazine, he created Cuto one of his best-known characters.

In 1936 he took part in the Spanish Civil War where he saw action, returning to comics in 1940. In this year he started working for Chicos, in which he continued Cuto and he also did work for several adventure and science-fiction comics. For the new magazine Mis Chicas, he started Anita Diminuta (1941) and Los Tres Inseparables (1943), while at the same time working for a number of other magazines.

In the beginning of the 1950s, Blasco started an international career with the British publisher Fleetway, for which he started off by drawing Buffalo Bill for Comet (1954) and Billy the Kid for Sun: this was via the Spanish A.L.I. Agency. Later he went on to draw other strips for Sun, notably Robin Hood (reprinted in Thriller Picture Library) and Dick Turpin. He contributed art to Playhour (Tales from the Arabian Nights, The Story of Pinocchio - 1958), Top Spot (The Day of Execution-1959), Eagle (Vengeance Trail - 1962), Tiger (Val Venture and the Curse of Krah - 1965), Ranger (Rob Riley- 1965), Look and Learn (Montezuma's Daughter - 1968), Action (Dredger - 1977), 2000AD (Invasion - 1977). Click here for a complete index of Blasco's UK work.

Jesus Blasco illustration for a fairy story book.

He drew a number of strips for The Lion, including The Indestructible Man, Danger Man and Adam Eterno, however, the strip for which he is best remembered was The Steel Claw which appeared in the Valiant from 1962-73. He was also a consumate master of the "fairy story" genre, and contributed some beautiful illustrations for various fairy story books.

At the same time as he was producing for the English market he was also engaged in various projects for other European magazines. In 1968 he started Los Guerilleros, from scripts by Cusso, in the French Spirou magazine, where he also worked on Paul Foran (story by Gil). At the end of the seventies, beginning of the eighties, Jésus Blasco was involved, together with his brothers Alejandro and Adriano, with Une Bible en Bande Dessinée, (scripted by Claude Moliterni). After that, he worked on Tex Willer and Capitan Trueno with writer Victor Mora, with whom he also made the medieval series Tallafero (1987). Jésus Blasco's very productive and influential career ended with his death on October 21, 1995.

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