The Breccia's
The Breccia's

On the question of the Alberto Breccia and his son Enrique there is some confusion.The Breccia's, father and son, were both comic artists. Father Alberto Breccia was born in Montevideo, Uruguay on 15th April 1919 and moved with his parents to Argentina at the age of three years. He abandoned his studies as an accountant to take up art on a full time basis. In 1936 he created his first character Mister Pickles, a humouristic strip which he sold to El Reservo. Next he created another comic little fatman character called Don Urbano which he sold to Paginas in Columbia.

In 1938 the publishing group Editorial Manuel Lainez asked Breccia to create vignettes of well known people for Tit-Bits. Breccia created the design, texts and lettering obviously inspired by the great artists of the day: Burne Hogarth and Alex Raymond. He went on to provide various strips for Lainez until the end of the war.

At the end of 1945 Breccia left Lainez to go freelance and created Gentleman Jim (published in La Razon) based on scripts by Issel Ferrazzano. The pair then went on to create another comicstrip series called Jean de la Martinica which was published in Patoruzito. Another important event that year was the birth of his son Enrique Breccia - who was born in Buenos Aires in 1946.


However father Alberto never left Argentina. During the 1960’s he was still in Buenos Aires where he drew Mort Cinder (1962), another version of El Eternauta in 1969 (published in Gente: scripts by Osterheld), a BRILLIANT comic biography of Che Guevara (script by Osterheld) and another on Piron (both for Danieri), also Cthulhu (based on Lovecraft), etc. As far as I know, Alberto never did any work for the UK market – pity!

On the question of the Alberto Breccia and his son Enrique (born in Buenos Aires in 1946) there is some confusion. Enrique is also a comic artist. He studied at the Escuela Panamericana del Arte (which was set up originally by his Dad and Hugo Pratt). He came to London in the 1960s and worked on War Picture Library and Battle Picture Library. He then went to Italy where he worked on mags such as Linus (La Conquista del Dieserto). He returned to Buenos Aires in 1970 where he did work for Record (El Peregrino en las Estrellas – 1975, Moby Dick - 1977, Tutto o Niente – 1990, Dorfmann - 1994).


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