Guido Buzzelli
Comic Artist - Guido Buzzelli

A page from Zasafir (1979) by Buzzelli

Guido Buzzelli was born on 27 July 1927, the son of a painter, he made his artistic debut at the age of nineteen, when his first caricatures were published in the newspaper Argentovivo. During the next ten years, he worked in comics, specializing in making cover illustrations for publications such as Raff Poigno d'Acciaco and adventure series like Flash Gordon and The Phantom.

In 1954, he moved to England, where he created the comic Angélique for the Daily Mirror. He also contributed to Thriller Picture Library (TPL 124 - The Three Bravos, 146 - Robin Hood, 154 - Robin Hood, 168 - Capt. Blood Sails Again, 174 - Robin Hood, 179 - Battler Britton, 182, 186, and 275 - all Robin Hood), and he also worked for D.C. Thompson, drawing the strip Lonely Harry - Castaway for New Hotspur.

Back in Italy, he devoted himself to painting for a while, but at the end of the 1960's he returned to the comics field with a more personal production, La Rivolta dei Racchi. After this story was translated into French, it was published in Charlie Mensuel, which also published many of Buzzelli's strips including Zil Zebub, H.P. and many more.

Guido Buzzelli was given an award by the international Luca Comic Festival in 1973, the same year he created the western Nevada Hill together with writer Jean-Pierre Gourmelen. Using the pseudonym Blotz, he made a number of erotic illustrations which appeared in Charlie Mensuel and the collections Démons and Buzzelliades. Guido Buzzelli's work was published in several French magazines throughout the 1970's. In 1976, working with writer Gino d'Antonio, he created l'Homme de Bengale (one of the many titles in the series A Man, An Adventure), and in 1981, he contributed to the series Storia della West (known as L'Histoire du Far West in France where it was edited by the French educational publishing giant Larousse). In 1985, Buzzelli's Zasafir appeared and he took over the famous western series published by Bonelli, Tex Willer. Guido Buzzelli died 25 January 1992, after a very productive and diversified career in comics.

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