Gianluigi Coppola
Comic Artist - Gianluigi Coppola

Gianluigi Coppola was born in Chiavari in 1928. In 1949 he moved to Milan and was working on such comics as Goal and the national sports favourite Gazette of the Sport, therefore, with Ferdinand Tacconi and Franco Paludetti, he has created the story of Nat of the Santa Cruz and Sciuscià.

From 1954 he lived in England workig for the Amalgamated Press. For a brief period of time he continued to work in the field of the comic strip (Billy the Kid for the Sun, Scoop Donovan, Battler Britton, Johnny Bluenote) but he also worked for various European publishers as an illustrator. He createds somew beautiful and innovative covers for many English publishers, such as Penguin Books: drawing everything from Turgenev to Sartre, C. P. Snow to Life Sackerville- West to the crime adventure series of Perry Mason by Erle Stanley Gardner. He was also very active in the advertising field (Sunday Times and Young & Rubicam).

For the Italian market I have participated between the other with Lele Luzzati and Flavio Coostantini- to the illustration of the encyclopedia for boys and the others. In 1975 he has realized impegnative tables of esoteric subject for the editori Aldous and Fergusson. Returned in Italy in 1979 he has illustrated for Mondadori Small women of the Alcott, to which they have made followed other works like Heart, Captains, Lord Small and the places setting some for the series western of Louis the Amour. He has collaborated also with Playboy, Penthouse and the Club of the editori. Of 1989 it is the folder of designs for the First Graphical Cooperative Genovese. In the last years, also continuing its activity of illustratore and participating to numerous collective, part of the staff is returned to the comic strip, making of designers who realize the series of Dylan Dog and collaborating actively to the Giornalino.





Been born to Chiavari, the 16 you open them 1928. In the 1945 traferisce to Milan. Inchiostra some matite that Frank Paludetti executes for Sciuscià and other elaborations of Ferdinand Tacconi who realizes for Nat of the Cruz Saint, publishes both to you from Tiziano Torelli. In the 1954 it is moved in England, where, on behalf of the Amalgamated Press it designs to some history western, between which the series of Billy the Kid. Between 1958 and 1959 realize the domenicale version of Gun Law di H. Bishop, published on the Sunday Express. Between 1960 and 1966 work on behalf of the Fleetway. In 1980 it returns to work in Italy, for Penthouse and Playboy and the Mondadori. It enters in the Bonelli in 1990. Some dawn realizes to you from Coppola is n.52 "the red brand", n.59 "People that to scompare", n.70 "the forest of the murders", n.75 "the tagliagole", n.83 "Doktor Terror".




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