Mario Cubbino

Mario Cubbino was born in Gorizia on 14th January 1930. In 1952 he found work helping Dufflocq Magni with the strip Pantera Bionda. Later on, through the D'Ami Studio, he created various war stories for Fleetway, as well at contributing to the Thriller Picture Library and also the strip My Friend Sara that appeared in School Friend. For Thriller Picture Library he was responsible for two very good westerns, Nr. 131 - Ambush at Rincon and Nr. 167 - He Came from Arizona which was based on a script by "Barry Ford" (aka: Joan Whitford) .

In 1961 he was working for Bonelli on some of the early Zagor stories where he was used as a backup artist for Gallieno Ferri. Later in the 1960s he drew Pecos Bill and diverse comic strips for adults including Jungla. He also found time to draw The Sea King and Rick Ross (Rodeo) for the French publishers LUG.

From 1973 he collaborated with the Corriere dei Ragazzi, for which he drew Fumetti della RealtÓ, L'Ombra with texts by Alfredo Castelli and later on Edge, texts by D'Argenzio and Sclavi.

In 1976 he worked on Diabolik and then he went to work for la Universo. In 1998 he had to abandon the profession for health reasons.

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