Dino Busett Remembers D'Ami
Dino Busett Remembers D'Ami

Dino Busett was born in Milan on the 20th April 1940. After a short period passed with an advertising research company, he left at the beginning of the 1960's to began working as an illustrator with the Milan Agency for Illustratori di Piero and Rinaldo D' Ami. D' Ami Dino Busett cured, in the garment of illustratore head, a "Encyclopedia of the animals for boys" on behalf of the Peruzzo Publisher. It realized moreover the places setting some of the comic strips of Jeff Arnold and Jean Lafitte, and he designed some boards for Il Corriere dei Piccoli; he contributed also to the graphical realization of a relative volume for boys to the history of the West.

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