Enrique Breccia

Enrique Breccia cover for Swamp Thing

Enrique Breccia is the brother of Patricia and Peres Breccia, both of whom continue in the family's artistic tradition set by their father Alberto Breccia.

Born in Bueones Aries in 1945 Enrique studied at the Escuela Panamericana del Arte (which was set up originally by his dad and Hugo Pratt).

He began to work professionally in the 1960's, illustrating novels for the publishing house Diffusion. By the late 1960's he began to work for the English publishing house Fleetway.

In 1968 he worked with his father on the The Life of Che, with script by Héctor Oesterheld. Enrique was in charge of the Bolivian stage of the history of Guevara, his capture and death.

In 1972 he drew for Billiken magazine, and soon he was illustrating books of the Billiken Collection, with novels like Moby Dick and Treasure Island.

In 1974 he drew the legend of Thyl Ulenspiegel, adapted by Norberto Buscaglia based on the work of C. de Cóster. In 1976 he published Carlos Trillo El buen Dios for the Italian magazine Skorpio (issue 36 in 1977). He also produced work for the Italian magazineLinus (La Conquista del Dieserto).

In the 1980s, he created the mythological saga El Sueñero, which started as a fantasy comic, but soon evolved into a political allegory. With writer Carlos Trillo he has created the Alvar Mayor series.

During the nineties he created Tutto o Niente (1990) and illustrated the Spanish invasion of South America in Aguirre (1991) and Dorfmann (1994). In these series, Breccia also proved himself to be an excellent colourist.

Enrique Breccia has also done work for the American publishers DC Comics, such as Batman: Gotham Knights and Swamp Thing.

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