Gallieno Ferri

Thriller Picture Library No. 217 showing Ferri cover art.

Gallieno Ferri was born on March 21, 1929 in Genoa, Italy. Although he has drawn many types of comic strip in his time, he is best remembered for his Canadian Mountie stories, such as Dick Daring, d'Audax, Thunder Jack etc.

After finishing his studies in 1949, his first published work was on Il Fantasma Verde followed by Piuma Rossa, under the pseudonym of Fergal for the editor and scenario writer De Léo. In 1952-53, Ferri and De Léo (author of Fantax) created Thunder Jack, inspired by d'Audax (alias King of the Royal Mounted by Zane Grey). Between 1954 and 1960, the duo produced various strips directed at the French market (editions SER) like L'indien Tom Tom, Kid Colorado, Jim Puma, Agent Secret, Le Fantôme vert, etc.

Between 1957 and 1960, he worked for the publication Il Vittorioso on Capitan Walter (text by Sandro Cavore) and Jolly (165 issues between 1957 and 1960), and Ali Baba. In 1961, he worked on Giubba Rossa (Red Leg), another Canadian Mountie story, based on texts by G.L Bonelli and then went on to create Zagor (text by Guido Nolita alias Sergio Bonelli) which was inspired by the American actor Robert Taylor. He drew many episodes and all the covers for this series.

Original board for Ferri's Ali Baba from Il Vittorioso circa 1958.

During this time of prodigious output, Ferri also contributed stories for Dick Daring of the Mounties (known as Jim Canada in France under its Impéria imprint). Dick Daring, friend of the Indians, fights against their oppressors and various criminals, from his headquarters in Creek Town. This strip was created by Reg Bunn for Fleetway's Thriller Comics and Thriller Picture Library. Other Italian artists also worked on this strip, in particular via the Giolitti studio for which Sergio Tarquinio (Storia del West), Franco Bignotti (Mister No, Jicop), Virgilio Muzzi, Renato Polese (Bronco E Bella), and Vittorio Cossio all worked. Other foreign nationals like the Argentinians Carlos V. Roume and Martin El Salvador also did time on Dick Daring.

In France, Impéria launched the small pocket library editions of Dick Daring in 1958 which ran until 1986 (297 numbers). However, the English original material soon ran out and Impéria were obliged to call upon French authors (Claude Bordet, Bob Leguay, George Esteve) to continue the series. Later, due to concerns over cost cutting, Spanish authors who worked for less money were recruited: Vincente Ramos, José Morante, Antonio Quinorero, José Maria Ortiz, Francesco Puerta, Shine Ramos and Cesar Lopez for the drawing and Ramon Ortiga, Banolas, Hervas for the texts.

Since 1979, Ferri continued to illustrate many covers (Cico Story, Il Commandante Mark), and not forgetting several episodes of Zagor.

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