Victor de la Fuente
Comic Artist - Victor de la Fuente

de la Fuente's Trelawny of the Guards from Lion.

Born in Ardinasa de Llanes, Spain in 1927, Victor de la Fuente ranks among the greatest realistic Spanish artists of the 20th century. From the early 1940s, de la Fuente was active in the comics field, starting out at the graphics studio of López Rubio. At that time, he cooperated on magazines like Maravillas, Flechas y Palayos and the famous and long-running Spanish comic Chicos, where such artists as Jesus Blasco had started their careers. He then left to Chile to start an advertising agency. Continuing his comics work, he co-launched the magazine El Peneca and drew for Dell Publishing in New York. He returned to Europe in 1959, where he illustrated numerous war comics for Fleetway (Battle Picture Library Nos. 78, 91, 119, 132, 170, 211, 253, 273, Valiant Picture Library Nos. 122, 143, War Picture Library Nos. 160, 166, 176, 196, 202, 212, 237, 244, 247, 249, 275, 284, 288, 296, 300, 317, 334, 338, 401, 412, 419, 440, 458, 476, 500 and 639) as well as DC Thompson war comics (Commando). In 1967 he started the strip Trelawny of the Guards in the Lion comic.

Also in 1967 he met writer Victor Mora with whom the started the western Sunday the year after. After creating twelve episodes of the series, he briefly returned to the advertising field. For the magazine Trinca, De la Fuente drew Mathai-Dor and Haxtur and for Eerie and Creepy he created several short stories. In the mid 1970s de la Fuente returned to the western genre with Amargo, published by Hachette. He also cooperated on several historical series and comics, such as L'Histoire de France en Bandes Dessinées and Charles de Gaulle.

de la Fuente's Yellowknife of the Yard from Valiant.

De la Fuente was also active in the heroic-fantasy genre, with the Haggarth series in À Suivre. After some work for Elvifrance and an erotic western (Mortimer), the started yet another western in 1979: Les Gringos, written by Jean-Michel Charlier. Les Gringos was revived in the 1990s with scripts by Guy Vidal. From 1983, De la Fuente worked with Victor Mora again on Les Anges d'Acier, published in Pilote and later Charlier Mensuel. In the 1980s de la Fuente drew albums with writer François Corteggiani (Francis Falko) and some episodes of the Tex Willer series. In the 1990s, Victor de la Fuente worked with writers like Alexandro Jodorowsky (Dieu Jaloux) and Patrick Cothias (Josué de Nazareth).

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