Virgilio Muzzi

Dardo spot art by Virgilio Muzzi. Circa 1952
Muzzi's Tex. Pin-up

Virgilio Muzzi is another Italian with a propensity towards drawing good strong western strips. He began to draw comics in 1945, after being educated as a painter by Groppi. He illustrated several albums and covers of the publishing house Universo. Muzzi drew episodes of Il Cavaliere Nero and Lotta nell'Ombra for Gianluigi Bonelli in the magazine Audace.

He began foreign collaborations in 1951. He drew several covers for the Brazilian Eneanto, and comics for Amalgamated Press from 1956: notably Kit Carson and Strongbow the Mighty in the Cowboy Picture Library series and Dick Daring in the Thriller Picture Library series. For Italy, Muzzi drew the Cagliostro series for Dardo publishers.

He became a staff artist on Bonelli's Tex in 1960.

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