Ivo Pavone

Italian artist Ivo Pavone was born in 1929, and started drawing in 1943. Three years later, he was one of the collaborators of Uragano Comics, a prestigious group of authors that worked for Asso di Piche.

In 1951, Pavone emigrated to Argentina and started to work for Cesare Civita, publisher of Editorial Abril. He worked on Oesterheld's Hora Cero and Frontera drawing the westerns Hueso Clavada and Verdugo Ranch. In South America, he recomposed most of the Asso di Piche team to create various comics, mostly westerns. Eventually, he took over the Sergeant Kirk series from Hugo Pratt for two years (1954-55). He went on to work for the publishers Codex.

In 1958, he started working for Fleetway, drawing several stories for the English market. He contributed work to Cowboy Picture Library (No. 307 - Davy Crockett-Mystery of Medicine River, and No. 327 - Davy Crocket and the Sea of Fire), and also several war stories.

He returned to Italy in 1962, where he took on numerous series, including Canada Jean (1963 - for the French comic Mon Journal), and Pecos Bill - Infernal (1963 - a series of pocket erotic comics for the Italian market). For the French publisher Lug he drew: Lupo Bianco, Rakar (1967 - script by Frescura), and Dick Demon (script by Pier Carpi), Les Cavernicoles (script by Frescura), Jacky West - Bill et Barry (script Maurizio Torelli), Havoc (script by Frescura), Africanders (script Maurizio Torelli) , Galton et Trumbo (script Maurizio Torelli), Doc Sullivan (script Maurizio Torelli) etc.

For the French comic Mon Journal he drew Giddap Joe (1973) , Loup Blanc (script by Pier Carpi) in the comic Long Rifle.

From 1975 he worked for the Italian market contributing stories for LancioStory, Skorpio and Corrier Boy. From 1979-1983 (when he retired) he worked for Italian publisher Bonelli

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