The Agency Artists

Ronaldo (Roy) D'Ami studio of Milan - D'Ami
Eurostudio (Milan) - Piero Dami
Selecciones Ilustradas of Madrid - S.I.
Giolitti Studio of Milan
Bardon Art Studio of Barcelona
Creacione Editoriales of Madrid
Histiografics of Madrid
Garcia Pizzaro of Madrid
Cosmopolitan Artists Ltd, London
Cartoonstudio, Rome (see Felmang)
A.L.I. Brussels

The artists listed here all worked for the agencies mentioned, and are suspected to have performed work for Fleetway via these agencies. Where information is available then it is stated, otherwise it just means that the artist had the "possibility" to have worked for Fleetway - right time, right place. Little is known about what work they did, and sometimes the information that is available is contradictory, however, if you know more: please send me an email.

Domingo Alvarez Gómez

Born ?


Angel Badia i Camps (aka: A Badia)

Born: Puig-reig (Barcelona) in 1929

He definately worked for Warren (Creepy and Vampirella) - Fleetway work unknown.

Enrico Bagnoli

Born Italy 1925.

Whilst working for these two agencies he did work for Dargaud (France), Fleetway (UK), DC National and St.John (USA), and Springer-Verlag (Germany).

D'Ami and Giolitti
Carme Barbará i Geniés (aka: Carme Barbara)

Born in Barcelona (Spain) in 1933. This lady artist was busy during the late 50s and 1960s. Her speciality was heroine types.

Worked for Fleetway and D.C. Thompson.

S.I. and Bardon Art
Josep Maria Beá i Font (aka: Calsina, J. Bea Font, Joseph M. Bea, Norton, Sanchez Zamora etc.)

Born in Barcelona (Spain) in 1942.

Worked for Fleetway, also Warren (US) on Creepy, Vampirella etc.

Miguel Bernet Toledano

Born Spain 1921 (died in 1960)

Fleetway - art unknown

S.I. and Bardon Art
José María Fernández Bielsa (aka: F. Bielsa, José Bielsa)

Born Madrid (Spain) in 1931.

Worked on Buck Jones, Kit Carson, and Kansas Kid for Cowboy Picture Library, and Dick Daring for Thriller Picture Library. Also worked on various war picture libraries.

S.I. and Bardon Art
Franco Bignotti

Born Italy

Worked on Cowboy Picture Library and Thriller Picture Library. Also worked on various war picture libraries.

S.I. and Bardon Art
Joaquin Blázquez
(Joaquin Blázquez Garcés)
(b. 6/10/1946, Spain)
Joaquín Blázquez was born in Barcelona in 1946. When he was only thirteen he published his first illustrations in Bolivia with the help of the international agency Bardon Art. His agent Jordi Macabich was also his drawing teacher. Publisher Ferma released his first Spanish comic. Joaquín Blázquez' first noticeable comic was the Buffalo Bill series, published by Galaor in 1964. After doing his military service, he developed both a comic and a realistic style. He worked for several foreign publishers during this period, which lasted from 1966 to 1974.

In 1975 Joaquin Blázquez joined the agency Selecciones Ilustradas and he was immediately accepted to work on the US Warren magazines such as Vampirella and Eerie. In 1977 Blázquez participated in the Spanish magazine Eh!, which soon disappeared. As a result he returned to the agencies: he worked for Fleetway and Thompson, British publishers through Bardon agency. Then he did romantic stories through the Norma agency, also for the British market. At this point he had a personal and professional crisis which kept him inactive for more than one year.

Joaquín Blázquez made his comeback in late 1978 drawing the German series Ron Cammaro and he went on working for the international market as he had done for most of his career, which includes not only comics, but also painting and sculpture.

S.I. and Bardon Art, Norma
Rafael Boluda Vidal

Born in Valencia (Spain) in 1941

Worked for both the UK and German markets.

Jordi Buxadé i Tonijuan (aka: Bux, George Buxadé, J. Bux, Jordi)

Born in Barcelona (Spain) in 1930: died in 1997

Worked for the UK market.

Bardon Art
José María Cardona Blasi

Born in Spain in 1954

Worked for the UK market.

Antonio Pérez-García y Carrillo (aka: A.P. Carrillo, Carr)

Born in Málaga (Spain) in 1931

Worked for the UK market.

S.I. , Bardon Art and Creacione Editoriales
Gianluigi Coppola
(b. 16/4/1928, Italy)
Gianluigi Coppola began his career working alongside Ferdinando Tacconi. He moved to England in 1954, where he began producing western comics for Amalgamated Press, like Billy the Kid. In the late 1950s, he drew the Sunday page of Harry Bishop's Gun Law for the Sunday Express. He continued working in Britain in the 1960s, when he joined Fleetway. He returned to work in Italy in 1980, beginning with work for Playboy, Penthouse and the publishing house Mondadori. He joined Bonelli in the 1990s, where he became an artist of the Dylan Dog and Martin Mystère series.
Carlo Cossio

Artist and illustrator, born in Udine, Italy 3rd January 1907.

His only recorded work in the UK was via the Cosmopolitan Artists Agency of London, where he worked for Newnes and Pearson (Falsely Accused in 1957).

Cosmopolitan Artists Ltd.


Fleetway : Tales of Kitty Jane (?Top Spot?)



Romance and war stories for Fleetway.

Salvatore Deidda
(2/1/1953 - 4/3/1990, Italy)

In the early stages of his career, Salvatore Deidda cooperated in the creation of Staff di If and illustrated several war stories for the publishing house Dardo. He was also active for Cenisio and he also worked for I.P.C. in London throughout the 1970s. His true debut came in 1980, when he illustrated the Janus Stark series, written by Stefano Negrini and published in Adamo. Deidda continued with several independent stories for LancioStory. From 1984, he illustrated several Martin Mystère stories for Orient-Express. Salvatore Deidda's career was abruptly ended, when he died in 1990.
Carlos Sánchez Ezquerra
(b. 11/1947, Spain)

Carlos Ezquerra, a Spaniard from Zaragoza who has lived in England and Andorra, is the creator of the Judge Dredd comic strip. Written by Pat Mills and John Wagner under the collective pseudonym of John Howard, Judge Dredd made his first appearance in 2000 AD magazine in March 1977. Ezquerra began working in British comics in 1972 and since 1974 almost exclusively for Fleetway. After only a couple of episodes, Ezquerra handed over Dredd to Mike McMahon, who further shaped the character. Besides Judge Dredd, Ezquerra created Strontium Dog and Al's Baby for 2000 AD and Judge Dredd Megazine. In the 1990s he returned to the Judge Dredd strip and took on Bloody Mary at DC publishers. Carlos Ezquerra is also famous for his work on Star Wars comics and the Dark Horse comic Mara Jade.
Stelio Fenzo
(b. 3/8/1932, Italy)

Stelio Fenzo worked for the magazine L'Asso di Picche and drew his first comic strip, Indocina in 1947. In the 1950s, he was an illustrator for several magazines. At the same time, he made many comic adaptations of films for Il Vittoriosso. He moved to Great Britain in 1953, where he started making several crime and romance comics for the Fleetway and Thompson presses. In 1962, he returned to Italy, where he took over several series from Hugo Pratt, including Capitan Cormorant. In 1968, he began his series Jungla, followed by a longtime tenure at the magazine Il Giornalino.
Guglielmo Letteri

(b. 11/1/1926, Italy)

Born in Rome, Guglielmo Letteri has lived in several countries, including Albania and Brazil. He did several jobs before beginning his professional comics career, such as playing in a jazz band. From 1948, he worked for the Argentine Abril and Columba publishing houses, working alongside such artists as Hugo Pratt, Alberto Ongaro, Sergio Tarquinio and Mario Faustinelli. Moving several times throughout the 1950s, he also took on comics work for the British Fleetway Press. Back in Italy in 1963, he became one of the main artists of Tex Willler for publishers Bonelli.

He passed away on 2nd February 2006 aged 79.

Gino Marchess
Air Ace and War Picture Library stories for Fleetway
Paolo Ongaro

Born in Italy 22nd June 1946

Paolo Ongaro entered the comics field in 1964, inking the work of Vladimiro Missaglia. Soon, he started on his own, illustrating some stories for Horror, written by Pierre Carpi. In 1970 he expanded his activities and illustrated some episodes of Diabolik and some stories for Il Monello, L'Intrepido, Il Giornalino, Il Corriere dei Ragazzi and Collana Eroica. In the second half of the 1970s, he drew among others Tarzan for Cenisio, as well as war stories for the Fleetway Press in London. Ongaro did some historical comics for Larousse, followed by work for Lanciostory and the sports series Azzurro. From 1986 he has drawn Disney stories for Topolino.

Arturo Aldomá i Puig

Born in Reus (Barcelona, Spain) in 1935.

Artur Aldoma Puig has been active in many art forms since 1949. In 1955, he created comics for the English publishers Fleetway and D.C. Thompson, including several war and western comics.

Puig drew his first big comics for Spirou. After the end of Marc Dacier in Spirou, Dupuis replaced the series with Puig's Brice Bolt (with texts by Charlier). In 1973, he started Commandos de la Nature with Victor Mora. After this, he began working for the American and Spanish markets. In 1975, Puig stopped making comics and devoted himself completely to painting.

(Josep Tello Gonzalez)
(b. 1940, Spain)

Josep Tello Gonzalez is a Spanish artist who works for the Danish Disney production (Egmont). Born in Barcelona, Tello was the neighbour of the comics artist Boixcar. He began his career assisting his neighbor on his realistic comics. He went to London in 1966 to work for the Fleetway Press. There, he cooperated on several stories about World War II. He returned to Barcelona after only a year, but he still continued to work for Fleetway. With the help of Antonio Gil-Bao, Tello got in touch with Egmont publishers, and he became a versatile artist of Disney comics. Tello's favourite character was Mickey Mouse, but he has also drawn comics with other characters. In later years, Tello started his own agency. Being an agent now, he stopped drawing comics himself. However, he still kept doing an occasional cover or game page.
Alberto Tosi

Born in Italy

Alberto Tosi graduated at the Academy of Fine Arts in Verona. He began his career working for several small newspapers. Afterwards, he became a regular contributor to Il Vittorioso. Tosi worked for this magazine until 1966. At the same time, he collaborated on work for several European publishing houses, such as Thompson, Lug and Fleetway. He has also drawn numerous historical stories for Il Giornalino, like Le Inchieste del Maresciallo.

(Juan Jesús García Alvarez)

Born in Mieres (Asturias, Spain) in 1968.

Juan Jesus Garcia, better known as Xuasus, is mostly known for his contributions to the British Judge Dredd Megazine. He started his career in the mid 1980s in some Spanish fanzines. Through Bardon Agency he began working for several international comic book publishers, such as DC Thompson, Copyright Promotions and Fleetway. His work appeared in such European magazines as L'Echo des Savanes, France Routes, Commando, Bunty, Victor, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Judge Dredd Megazine and BBC Magazine. He drew the Judge Dredd comic for some years, as well as Brit-cit Brute. With Juan José Plans he also took on artwork for television productions. He is also active in game design and as a special effects painter in the film industry (such as the second Harry Potter movie).

Bardon Agency
Juan Zanotto
(b. 1935, Italy)
At the age of thirteen, Juan Zanotto moved with his family to Buenos Aires. He started to work in the comic field in 1953 at Universal Publications. In 1960, he began a ten-year stint working for the English publishers Fleetway. Also beginning in 1960, he started a lengthy employment as illustrator for the Codex Publishing House. In 1974, Zanotto created the series Henga for Record magazine. Other Zanotto works include Hor and Barbarian, with Barreiro. Juan Zanotto's creations have captivated readers worldwide, and he is followed by a legion of fans.
Eugenio Zoppi


The Argentine artist Eugenio Juan Zoppi drew for such dailies and magazines such as La Razon, Gente, Billiken and the illustrated sports supplement of El Gráfico. Zoppi was the chief editor of the Mc Perro supplement of Billiken magazine. He drew the Misterix comic for several years for Abril, and also cooperated on other publications of this publisher. For the foreign market, Zoppi drew for England (Fleetway, Thomson), Chile (Zig Zag, Lord Cochrane) and Italy (Gionalino, Lancio Story). He was the artist on the first comic written by Hector German Oesterheld, Alan y Crazy, in 1950. Zoppi also worked freelance for several advertising agencies and publishers.
Camillo Zuffi
(b. 19th April 1912, Bergamo, Italy -
d. Bergamo, 4th March 2002)

Zuffi worked primarily for the Italian and French markets where he worked on Tex Tone (known as Kansas Kid in the UK) and Il piccolo sceriffo (Le Petit Sheriff in France and The Little Sheriff in the UK reprints).

He briefly worked for the UK market where he drew one episode of Kit Carson for Cowboy Picture Library and a Mustang Grey story for Pearsons Western Picture Library.

Unknown, but presumable agency work.
  Selecciones Ilustradas (S.I.) artists: Rafael López Espí, Francisco Cueto, Emilio Bernadó, Daniel García, Jorge Bayona, Florenci Clavé, José María Miralles, Javier Puerto, Carlos Prunés, Amador García, José González, Félix Mas, Ramón Torrents, Joan Martí, Enrique Monserrat, the brothers Víctor, Ramón and José Luis de la Fuente, Luis García, Rafael Auraleón, Andrés Balcells, José Gual, Jaime Brocal Remohí, the brothers Juan and José Nebot, Ramón Escolano, Miguel Fuster, Adolfo Buylla, the brothers Antonio and Enrique Badía Romero, Esteban Maroto, Carlos Giménez, Adolfo Usero, Juan Abellán, Suso Peña, José Ortiz, Jordi Franch, Luis Martínez Roca, Jorge Longarón, Eugenio Giner, Jaime Juez.  


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