Sergio Tarquinio

Dardo spot art by Sergio Tarquinio, signing himself as
S. Tark
. Circa 1952.

Sergio Tarquinio was born on October 13, 1925 in Cremona, Italy, and is primarily remembered as an excellent interpretor of the western genre.

He began his career as a painter and decorator before publishing his first story (the western Luna d'Argenta) in 1946 with editions DEA. The following year he drew Blek E Gionni, a creation of Roy D'Ami.

In 1948 he emigrated to Argentina where he joined the famous "Group of Venice": Hugo Pratt, Ivo Pavone, Faustinelli, Ongaro, Breccia and Battaglia all working for the Abril editions. He drew covers of Misterix and in particular created Alan Blood in 1948-52 which appeared in Misterix and Salgari and proved an enormous success.

On returning to Italy in 1952, he carried out work for Ardito (publ. Marussia) and for Classici Illustrati (Classics Illustrated). Later he went on to draw book and story illustrations for the publisher Dardo before moving to the western series Ray Fox in 1953-54 and Condor Gek (1955): the later published in France in West Magazine.

He then worked for four years for the Roy D'Ami Studio which gave him access to Fleetway. During this time he honed his skill at westernalia on such strips as Dick Daring (Thriller Picture Library), Crazy Horse (Sun Comic 1956), Kansas Kid, Kit Carson, Davy Crockett, Buck Jones and Billy the Kid for the Cowboy Picture Library. Click here for Tarquinio's UK Checklist.

Original art from an episode of Ray Fox (1953), by Sergio Tarquinio.

In December 1959, he met Sergio Bonelli (Cepim) and created, for a very small wage, a collaboration which resulted in Giubba Rossa (the indian strip Red Feather) and Il Giudice Bean based on famous western judge Roy Bean: 6 episodes written in 1960 and published in France in Special Rodeo under the title of Jim Clark.

In 1965, he drew the adventures of Superman and Batman for Mondadori, the adventures of the trapper Red Buck with scripts by Cesar Mellonalli in 1966 for publisher Nuova Collana Araldo (published in Spécial Rodeo and Special Kiwi in France). In 1966 Tarquinio started his long work on the saga of Storia del West (The Story of the West): he completed the major part of it by 1980. To find out more about this series click here. Between 1981-84, he produced several episodes of the western Ken Parker.

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