Tom Tully

Tom Tully was born in Glasgow and obtained a diploma in story writing for children after having worked as a Clerical Officer in a government office. He did his National Service in the RAF as an accountant. Tully devoted years of effort to make himself known as a freelance (independent) writer.

Tully's portfolio looks like a who's who of British comic strips, and includes: Heros the Spartan (1962-64) for the Eagle which was drawn by Frank Bellamy. This was swiftly followed by Roy of the Rovers (1969-1974), Nipper, Johnny Red, The Leopard from Lime Street (for Buster drawn by Mike Western), The Mind of Wolfie Smith (for Tornado and continued in 2000AD - drawn variously by Vanyo, Ian Gibson, Jesús Redondo), Goalmouth, Kelly's Eye (drawn variously by Brett Ewins and Francisco Solano Lopez and known as L'oeil de Zoltec in France) and Janus Stark (drawn by Francisco Solano Lopez), Steel Claw (drawn by Jesús Blasco), Mytek the Mighty (drawn by Eric Bradbury, and known as King-Kong le robot in France), The Nightcomers (Scream) and the football stories Raven on the Wing (Romano in France) for Valiant and Leave it to Lefty.

Then on to Dan Dare (issues 100-126 between February-August 1979) and Harlem Heroes (issues 1-27), both drawn by Dave Gibbons. He wrote Inferno (drawn by Massimo Belardinelli) andThe Mean Arena (drawn variously by John Richardson, Eric Bradbury, Mike White, and Steve Dillon).

Tully retired to Wiltshire in the West Country. He passed away in Autumn 2013.

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