Nevio Zeccara

A typical piece of Zeccara artwork for Willy West (in Il Giorno dei Regazzi - 1964). Very Hampson-esque. Original board.

Nevio Zeccara was born in Italy in 1924. He began his career in 1952 by drawing fantasy and aviation stories for Il Vittorioso .

He later entered the Giolitti studio and provided the boards for various foreign comic series: he worked for the giant Fleetway group in the United Kingdom where he drew Battler Britton for Thriller Comics (the series was also published by Impéria in France), various war stories for War Picture Library and created the strip Phantom Force Five for Buster (published in France as 5 Aces), and The Phantom Viking for Lion.

He also provided boards for the erotic series Hessa, as well as the space story Willy West (which ousted Dan Dare from the front page) and Gigi strips that appeared in Il Giorno dei Ragazzi in 1963. Also whilst with Giolitti he worked for the North American market, where he provided work on the Star Trek series in 1967.

In the seventies, Zeccara's love of science fiction and fantasy resulted in an out-pouring of work: he drew the Max Martin strip between 1971 and 1975 (stories by S. Bario) for Il Giornalino (published in France in Marco Polo) , L'operazione Cobra , Ricorda Corea , Il giorno che rapiromo, a caso urgent, etc (1972), It fabricante di mondi , Salvate Venezia, I diabloclici sosia, Lo spazzino dello spazio, Il pianeta degli vomini sapiens, etc (1973), Kriss Boyd (1976 - story by R. Gelardini), Baby Sitter Cercasi, Jerry lo sciocco, Viaggio nel computer, Machina LED tempo, Viaggio nell'universino dell'energia, Allarme Rosso, etc (1984), Il fiume proibito, L'ultimo dei Canterville and Viaggio nel telefono (1985), Topeka Smith (1986 to 1992 - story by Cominelli), Adventurers of L'espace (story by Barca and Castelli) published in Vick , L'Eternauta (1989-90), Space Universe (1996), and since 1996 the series Metal City (story by Raoul Traverso).

Between 1980-1990, Zeccara also carried out various adaptations for Il Giornalino including: Il pradatori dell'arca perduta (Raiders of the Lost Arc) after Spielberg in 1981, Robur, Il Conquistatore (Robor, The Conqueror) by Jules Verne in 1984, Satas E Nelly in 1988, Kadach in 1990, Jurassik Park (Ramello story) in 1993, then Il mondo perdutto (Conan Doyle's The Lost World) in 1995, La Battaglia di Memphis in 1996, and Hollywood in divisa in 1997. One can find many examples of Zeccara's Italian SF period in comics like Garry (Impéria, France: 1948-64).

Nevio passed away in his beloved Rome in April 2005.

Original French text by Fabrice Castanet
Translation and additional notes by Steven Taylor

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