Adventure Annual Series

Boardman Adventure Annuals

The Adventure series of comic annuals, like all other British annuals, were printed each September in time for the Christmas market. Boardman distributed these solely through the Woolworth chain of department stores, which gave them coverage across the length and breadth of the UK. Denis McLoughlin had another connection with Woolworth's: he used to buy some of their plastic and metal children's toys and used these to illustrate the annuals.

The Adventure Annuals were cloth bound with full-colour painted covers and came with paper dust jackets that duplicated the illustrations on the board covers. The interior contents are a mix of original British material (often by McLoughlin) and reprints from American comics, usually Quality. Research shows that this series probably arose from the Super Coloured Comic Annuals that they had produced during the previous three years (1949-51).

I have included here the New Spaceways Comic Annual as part of this series.

Boardman Adventure Annuals

Ajax Adventure Annual

Adventure Annual
Contains The Robot Empire (Swift Morgan) & Roy Carson and the Old Master

New Spaceways Comic Annual No.1

Okay Adventure Annual

Okay Adventure Annual

Okay Adventure Annual

Okay Annual of Adventure Stories

Okay Annual of Adventure Stories

First Book of Heroes
Not part of the Adventure series, and illustrated by Ron Embleton throughout but "designed by Denis McLoughlin" and published by Boardman

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