30 Days of Night


Release Date: 2005/6
Director: David Slade
Running Time:  
Comic Artist: Steve Niles
1st Appearance: 30 Days of Nights




The film, based on the Steve Niles graphic novel, is the latest production from Ghost House Pictures, the production company launched by Sam Raimi and Rob Tapert. Raimi and Tapert are producing, while Grant Curtis is overseeing the production for Ghost House. Mike Richardson, Joe Drake and Nathan Kahane are executive producing.

30 Days of Night centers on a sleepy, secluded Alaska town called Barrow, where the sun sets and doesn't rise for over thirty consecutive days and nights. From the darkness, across the frozen wasteland, an evil will come that will bring the residents of Barrow to their knees. The only hope for the town is the Sheriff and Deputy, a husband and wife who are torn between their own survival and saving the town they love.

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