Les Amours Célèbres


Release Date: 1961
Director: Michel Boisrond
Running Time: 130 mins
Cast: Brigitte Bardot, Jean-Paul Belmondo, Dany Robin, Philippe Noiret
Comic Artist: Paul Gordeaux (texts), artists various incl. Jean Reschofsky, Jean Ache, Jean Bellus, Henry Blanc, Jean Lenoir, Louis Moles, Jean Effel, Jacques Pecnard & others
First Appearance:
Les Amours Célèbres: France-Soir


Les Amours célèbres was a newspaper strip published in the French newspaper France-Soir starting on 22 November 1950, which lasted right up to 1970. Unusually for a newspaper strip is was always vertical rather than horizontal, so one had to read top to bottom. The strip dealt with various (apparently true) love stories through out history.


Four different vignettes are featured in this routine anthology of love stories supposedly based on historical truths. In the first tale, King Louis XIV has just acquired a new mistress, but a dashing swashbuckler by the name of Lauzan (Jean-Paul Belmondo) tricks him out of this new conquest. The second story, a melodrama, is set in the 19th century and involves an older woman (Simone Signoret) in conflict with a lover who wants to leave her. The third segment is set in the Middle Ages, when the winsome daughter (Brigitte Bardot) of a lowly barber is the target of the local Prince's affections. She is also the target of some others who charge her with witchcraft. In the last story which takes place in the 19th century, two French actresses do battle over a coveted role and an equally coveted Baron. Other top names in French cinema complete the cast: Alain Delon, Jean-Claude Brialy, and Annie Girardot.

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