Blueberry, l'expérience secrète


Release Date: 2004
Director: Jan Kounen
Running Time: 124 minutes
Cast: Djimon Hounsou, Juliette Lewis, Michael Madsen, Vincent Cassel, Eddie Izzard
AKA: Renegade
Comic Artist: Jean Giraud (AKA Moebius), Jean-Michel Charlier
1st Appearance: Pilot


The Fort Navaho (1963) adventure was the first of the Blueberry strips appearing in the French weekly comic Pilote. These stories were later collected into albums (the Blueberry series now runs to 28 albums) that appeared under the joint hands of Jean-Michel Charlier and Jean Giraud (also known as Moebius).

Blueberry is a US cavalry officer stationed at Fort Navaho in the wilderness of New Mexico. He usually travels without the rest of his regiment, fighting against renegade Apaches, gun-runners and other miscreants in the company of a grizzled old drunk named McClure. Since those days we have been treated to the Young Blueberry (upto and during the American Civil War) series and the Marshall Blueberry (an older Blueberry) series.

Charlier and Giraud went on to co-found the cult French magazine Metal Hurlant (Heavy Metal) in 1975.

Film Synopsis:

From Jan Kounen, the French director of the violent cult actioner Dobermann, comes this loose adaptation of Jean "Mobius" Giraud's comic series Blueberry. Vincent Cassel stars as Mike Blueberry, a lawman whose past comes back to haunt him when his town is invaded by the nefarious Blount (Michael Madsen), the man responsible for his first love's murder. Led by a German con man by the name of Prosit (an unrecognizable Eddie Izzard), Blount and his crew search for an ancient treasure buried deep within Indian tribal grounds, while Blueberry and his Indian friend Runi (Temuera Morrison) race to keep the land sacred and stop the thieves by any means possible. Featuring Juliette Lewis and her father, Geoffrey Lewis, in supporting roles, the film sports a solid American cast that boasts an additional performance by Colm Meaney and a rare appearance by none other than Ernest Borgnine.

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