Bulletproof Monk


Release Date: 2003
Director: Paul Hunter
Running Time: 104 minutes
Cast: Chow Yun-Fat, Karel Roden, Seann William Scott, James King, James King
Comic Artist: Gotham Chopra and Brett Lewis (script) Michael Avon Oeming and Jason Baumgartner (art)
First Appearance:
Bulletproof Monk 1


A three issue mini-series published by Flypaper/Image.


Chow Yun-Fat, playing an ageless Tibetan Lama, teams up with Seann William Scott, a high-strung pickpocket, to defend the Scroll of the Ultimate from a Nazi plot. The movie's virtue is that it refuses to take any of this very seriously, instead giving the two stars (and also Jaime King, as Mr. Scott's rival and love interest) time to indulge in half-witty banter and cheap, exuberant martial-arts stunts. The scruffiness of the filmmaking and the incoherence of the story seem less like flaws than like a deliberate, affectionate tribute to the vibrant and anarchic Hong Kong action films of the past.

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