Le Déclic


Release Date: 1985
Director: Jean-Louis Richard & Steve Barnett (US version)
Running Time:  
Cast: Florence Guérin, Jean-Pierre Kalfon, Bernie Kuby, Géraldine Pernet , Jacqueline Chauvet , Corinne Corron, Jasmine Maimone
Comic Artist: Milo Manara
First Appearance:  


In the steamy heat of Louisiana, Dr. Fez decides to shock the stongly puritanical society in which he works. To this end, he manufactures a devise that has a peculiar effect on Claudia, the bourgeoise wife of Alearo. Each time he "clicks" - hence the name of the film - the devise, Claudia is unable to stop her bodily hormones from overflowing - to devasting effect.

Italian artist Milo Manara, is famous for his "adult" erotic comics and this film was based on his 19xx original xxxxxx.

Looking at this French made film today, it just seems rather silly.



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