Danger: Diabolik


Release Date: 1968
Director: Mario Bava
Running Time: 99 minutes
Cast: Adolfo Celi, John Phillip Law, Marisa Mell, Michel Piccoli, Terry-Thomas
Comic Artist: Angela and Luciana Giussani
First Appearance: Diabolik 1


Created by two sisters Angela and Luciana Giussani, Diabolik is a master criminal and cat burglar. Assisted by his girl friend Eva Kant, Diabolik has taken on a wide range of adversaries from other criminals and gang bosses to the supernatural. Diabolik was the first of the "fumetto nero" or black comics that sprung up in Italy during the 1960s. These espoused a darker and more confused philosophy of life than was dreamed of by Superman and his ilk.


Diabolik (John Phillip Law) is the criminal mastermind who has just pulled off a huge heist. He spends most of his free time with his girlfriend, Eva (Marisa Mell), in fond embrace. The police minister (Terry-Thomas) is approached by Valmont (Adolfo Celi), a master criminal who proposes to use his underworld connections to catch Diabolik for the police. In between their gratuitous lovemaking, he and the exotic Eva are chased by police and the mob in this plodding crime drama.

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