Release Date: 2005
Director: Rob Bowman
Running Time: 96 minutes
Cast: Terence Stamp, Cary-Hiroyuki Tagawa, Goran Visnjic, Jennifer Garner, Will Yun Lee
Comic Artist:  
First Appearance: Daredevil Nr. 168




The latest Hollywood movie to give comic books a bad name, "Elektra" stars Jennifer Garner as a superheroine who dons fetishwear the color of blood before laying waste to every man in sight. "Your parents must have had a sense of humor," the broodingly handsome and plucky love interest says to Elektra about her mythopoetic name. She answers in the negative: no they did not and neither does she. This chick may have a complex (or two), but like the rickety vehicle supporting her and the hopes of Marvel Comics, she emphatically does not have a sense of humor. What she emphatically does have — and this of course is the entire point of "Elektra" — is a hot bod and a costume that looks as if it was designed by someone very familiar with the Victoria's Secret catalog.

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