Faust: Love of the Damned


Release Date: 2001
Director: Brian Yuzna
Running Time: 98 minutes
Cast: Jeffrey Combs, Junix Inocian, Isabel Brooke, Mark Frost
Comic Artist: David Quinn and Tim Vigil
First Appearance:  


Based on the erotic horror comic strip by David Quinn and Tim Vigil, Re-Animator producer/director Brian Yuzna's shocker is an appallingly bad devil-in-disguise version of The Crow. Shattered after the murder of his girlfriend by a criminally demonic sect called The Hand, John Jaspers (Mark Frost) signs away his soul to the Devil in return for vengeance on her killers. But the satanic pact also means he's transformed into a sick superhero, armed with long metal claws, who must play a vital part in a prophesied black magic ritual. Nothing works in Yuzna's crudely assembled dud, unless you're a fan of a hopelessly amateur jumble of comic bubble clichés, terrible special effects and blaring heavy metal music.


A man goes to hell and back to avenge the death of the woman he loves in this over-the-top horror story. Troubled artist Jaspers (Mark Frost) is depressed and considering suicide after his girlfriend, an illegal alien, is killed by thugs. Before he can go through with it, Jaspers is visited by a mysterious man calling himself M (Andrew Divoff). M, which is short for Mephistopheles, is an earthly emissary of the Devil, and along with sexy Claire (Monica Van Campen) and devious Dr. Yanamoto (Junix Inocian), he leads a Satanic cult called the Hand. M and his companions persuade Jaspers to join the Hand, and soon Jaspers and other members of the Hand wreak vengeance by staging a mass murder against the men responsible for the death of Jaspers' lover. But Jaspers finds he quite likes ritual murder, and his enthusiasm leads to sloppiness that gets him arrested; he also becomes involved with Claire, which makes him very unpopular with M. As police detective Margolies (Jeffrey Combs) and psychiatrist Jade de Camp (Isabel Brook) try to get some answers about Jaspers' strange and deadly behavior, Jaspers begins to transform himself into a demonic beast in a desperate battle to defeat M before M can kill him. Faust, Love of the Damned was the first feature from the production company Fantastic Factory, formed by American filmmaker Brian Yunza and Spanish financier Julio Fernandez; the film was shot in Spain with an English-speaking cast.

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