The Adventures of Jane


Release Date: 1949
Director: Edward G. Whiting
Running Time: 55 mins
Cast: Christabel Leighton-Porter, Stanelli, Michael Hogarth, Peter Butterworth, Dennis Price
Comic Artist: Norman Pett
First Appearance: Daily Mirror: December 1932

Origin: Jane was a comic strip that appeared in the British newspaper the Daily Mirror from December 1932 until the final scene when Jane and boyfriend xxxx sail off into the sunset in 1959. Jane was the creation of artist Norman Pett who drew the strip until May 1949, when Mike Hubbard took over.

Prior to the outbreak of World War II blue eyed, blonde haired Jane was quite a prim young thing getting involved in various scrapes with her pet dachshund Fritz, but with the outbreak of hostilities something odd happened. Her clothes were variously ripped off, blown off, shot off, washed off or hooked off, her bra snapped off with a will of its own and her panties were prone to "wardrobe malfunctions". As the allied troops advanced across Europe Jane seemed to shed more clothes.

The star of the film, Christabel Leighton-Porter (seen above), was the Norman Pett's real life model for Jane.


Jane is given a bracelet by an elderly admirer. He is in league with Cleaver, a suave crook, and the two plan to use Jane and the bracelet to smuggle diamonds into England.

Prequels, Sequels and Follow-ons:

Jane And The Lost City (1987) Director: Terry Marcel. Cast: Sam J. Jones, Maud Adams

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