Largo Winch


Release Date: 2008
Director: Jerome Salle
Running Time: 109 mins
Cast: Tomer Sisley, Kristin Scott Thomas, Karel Roden, Anne Consigny
Comic Artist: Jean Van Hamme and Philippe Franq
First Appearance: Largo Winch: L'Inheritance

Origin: Millionnaire Nerio Winch drowns under suspicious circumstances, and with no family, leaving his vast financial empire open to hostile takeover from former gun-runner, now business man, xxxx. However, unknown to all except a handful of lawyers, 26 years previously Nerio had adopted a boy from an orphange in his former country of Yugoslavia, and has had him placed with foster parents in Croatia. To this boy Nerio has willed his entire empire: but where is he now?

Well, actually young Largo Winch is enjoying the hospitality of a South American jail were he has been framed for drug running. Chased, framed, shot at and deceived by those closest to him, can Largo claim his inheritance?

The Largo Winch series by Jean Van Hamme and Philippe Franq has enjoyed a long running success in Europe since its debut in 19xx. Now running into 16 hardback titles, this is a film that deserved to be made.

As a typical European co-production, the films dialogue is actually spoken in French, English and Croatian: but do NOT let that put you off - it is a terrific film and in the words of Le Figaro Tomer Sisley IS Largo Winch.



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