Michel Vaillant


Release Date: 2003
Director: Louis-Pascal Couvelaire
Running Time: 102 minutes
Cast: Jean-Pierre Cassel, Barbara Schulz, Sagamore Stévenin, Philippe Bas, Peter Youngblood Hills, Diane Kruger
Comic Artist: Jean Graton
First Appearance: Tintin magazine (1957)


The Vaillant family are car manufacturers and auto team racers. Michel's adventures centres on the day-to-day drama of the race track - (yawn). Somehow French audiences have kept this hero close to their heart. All Graton's characters seem alike, only the cars are interesting - and I dislike cars! Oh, I forgot to add - in 1973 Michel got married!!! Wow.


A popular French comic strip of the 1950s becomes a candy-colored feature film in this race-car adventure. The Leaders and the Vaillants are rival families of Formula One car drivers, the former group devious and cutthroat, the latter benevolent and amiable. But when the hallowed Le Mans 24-hour race is at hand, both clans find that they'll resort to anything to win. With many of its scenes filmed at the real Le Mans race in the summer of 2002, Michel Vaillant was co-produced by international crossover success Luc Besson.

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