Prince Valiant


Release Date: 1954
Director: Henry Hathaway
Running Time: 100 minutes
Cast: Sterling Hayden, Janet Leigh, Debra Paget, Robert Wagner, James Mason
Comic Artist: Hal Foster
First Appearance: Newspaper
13 February 1937


One of the world's best known comic strips inspired by the tales of King Arthur. When the strip started Valiant was indeed a young prince, however as the years passed so Prince Val (as he was known) becomes a wise king, marries and has children of his own. As of today, he is a grandfather with five children and one grandchild. Just like life really.


Hal Foster's Sunday-comics saga of a young Viking prince in the service of King Arthur is brought to the screen in CinemaScope and Technicolor in Prince Valiant. Despite the fact that he sports a dutch bob that makes him look like actress Phyllis Kirk, Robert Wagner is quite virile and convincing as the title character. Trained for the Round Table by Sir Gawain (Sterling Hayden), Valiant takes time out to fall in love with the beautiful Princess Aleta (Janet Leigh). The villain of the piece is The Black Knight, aka Sir Brack (top-billed James Mason), who intends to topple King Arthur (Brian Aherne) from his throne, then conquer Valiant's people in Scandia. But Prince Valiant proves a fearsome opponent to the usurping Sir Brack. Sadly, most currently available prints of Prince Valiant have been panned-and-scanned, denying viewers the opportunity to revel in Henry Hathaway's creative utilization of the CinemaScope format. ~ Hal Erickson, All Movie Guide

Prequels, Sequels and Follow-ons:

Prince Valiant (1997) - Directed by: Anthony Hickox. Starring: Katherine Heigl, Ron Perlman, Stephen Moyer, Edward Fox, Joanna Lumley, Jodie Kidd

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