Tiffany Jones


Release Date: 1973
Director: Pete Walker
Running Time: 90 minutes
Cast: Damien Thomas, Anouska Hempel, Alan Curtis, Bill Kerr, Eric Pohlmann, Susan Sheers, Richard Marner, Martin Benson, John Clive, Ray Brooks
Comic Artist: Pat Tourret drew the strip and Jenny Butterworth wrote the texts.
First Appearance: Daily Sketch newspaper (UK) in 1964

Origin: One of the few (if not only) UK strips both drawn and written by women. First published in 1964 in the UK newspaper The Daily Sketch, it told the story of the eponymous heroine who was variously model and spy. This was very much of the epoch and followed the current James Bond and Modesty Blaise themes of super spies.

Synopsis: Tiffany arrives in the swinging London of the mid-1960s and gets caught up in the life style of the times. She then turns her hand at modelling, and that leads to various mysteries and intrigue.


Prequels, Sequels and Follow-ons:


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