The Rivals of Fleetway Book Gallery

Although Fleetway was the biggest publisher on the U.K. scene they did have rivals. Here is a page devoted to the comic novelisations of those characters.

Morgyn the Mighty from the comic Rover


At around the same time that Fleetway were releasing their Rockfist books, Dundee based publisher D.C. Thompson were releasing two novels featuring their own popular characters from the Rover comic.

I Flew with Braddock from the comic Rover


Treasure Island




The Told in Pictures series is now highly prized by collectors. Although these 4 books were not based on any running picture strip in any of D.C. Thompson's publications, they did have one redeaming feature - the glorious artwork of long time comic illustrator


Oliver Twist

Robinson Crusoe





The Story of Princess Margaret

The Story of Princess Margaret is a real odditity. Released by D.C. Thompson it does not form part of the series above being by a completly different (and uncredited) artist.

It was drawn, like the above series, in picture strips (2 panels to a page), without dustwrapper, and with a glossy laminate cover.


Braddock and the Flying Tigers

 D.C. Thompson published four paperbacks in the 1970's that were really based on some of their more popular stories from the 1930's.


Braddock started in the Rover comic in 193x but was revived in



Killer Slade was not based on any actual D.C. Thompson strip.


Killer Slade of the Pony Express

The Goalmaker

Wilson first appeared in

The Truth about Wilson

Combat Picture Annual 1962
(Micron - 1962)




Despite it's name Micron's Combat Picture Annual is treated as a book rather because of it's size and it's dustjacket. This book is a mix of text and picture stories from Micron's Combat Library pocket library series.


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