Dan Dare in Argentina (1)

El Mundo De la Aventura (The World of Adventure) as it appeared in Argentina on 10 May 1961. The part of the scan on the left was removed - a text story by Steve Philips.
Dan and friends as seen in the 1960's in Argentina
It is reassuring to know that Stripey does not have his name changed
And of course - the Cut aways

Three cheers for Albert! No, not Albert Digby, but Albert M. Haynes.

Albert Haynes was an Englishman who had come to Argentina in 1887 to work on the British built West Railway. After a few years he decided to stay in Argentina, and by 1904 had begun his publishing career that led him to build what might be called the country's first multimedia empire.

The Haynes Publishing Company Limited (Empresa Editorial Haynes Limitada was the official name of the undertaking) produced many magazines on a variety of different subjects and it is worth mentioning that Radio El Mundo was also part of this company.

On 29 December 1923 Haynes Publishing expanded their activities by opening new premises in Rio de Janeiro and Bogota, and set up their own modern printing machinery. The newspaper El Mundo began on 14 May 1928: revolutionary in style, a tabloid (easier to read on trams), full of pictures, and best of all half the price of its competitors. Moreover, it held a weekly competition with a prize of one thousand dollars!

El Mundo became an immediate success selling on average half a million copies daily. Unfortunately Albert Haynes did not live to see the growth in the industry that he had founded and died just over a year later on 21 June 1929. The business was taken over by Henry Wesley Smith, husband of one of Haynes' daughters and another Brit, who would lead the newspaper to the first presidency of Perón. The Perón government set a new policy to merge Editorial Haynes with the state consortium Alea.

From then on, through various political upheavals the newspaper continued to survive and then sometime in the early 1960's it gave rise to a childs edition called El Mundo de La Aventura. Unlike the Italian version of Il Giorno with its free weekly give away, El Mundo de la Aventura was published weekly as a seperate periodical. There was also a Sunday edition.

In my mind, it was undoutably the British connection that led to Dan Dare and friends being introduced in Argentina. A deal must have been struck with Hulton Press as these are strictly the UK artwork translated into Spanish - remember that in Spain itself, the artwork was completely re-drawn and Dan Dare suffered the ignominy of being given a new name.

My grateful thanks to Luis Ramón Molina for the scans and all the information.



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