Dan Dare in Argentina (2)

Dan Dare page published in 1959 in El Tony, a comic book published by Editorial Columba.

El Tony was Argentina's first magazine devoted entirely to comics. It was also the longest running comic book , since its inception in 1928 until Editorial Columba canceled it in mid-2000. Having various formats and versions, it hosted some of the most popular strips in Argentina.

It was launched by brothers Ramon and Claudio Columba on September 26, 1928. The initial print run was 10,000 copies, reaching 300,000 weekly.

Aimed primarily at children, containing cartoons, as well as educational and literary adaptations. On the cover of the first issue was Carlitos, ( Charley Chaplin), and inside mostly US imported material.

Some of the stories of the early days included: Uncle Morfoni, Rulito, Vultures of the sands, Tex and illy, Sea Pirates, Raffles, Nick Carter.

Gradually the contents turned to teen and adult audiences. Characters appeared as Secret Agent X-9 (Alex Raymond), Mandrake the Magician, Tarzan or Batman, that debuted on August 21, 1940, one year after its creation.

In 1959 Dan Dare debuted, and other Fleetway stories were not far behind.

My grateful thanks to Carlos Raul Martinez for the scans and information on this page.



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