Dan Dare in Croatia

There is an excellent website on the Croatian version of the Eagle, so I will refrain from duplicating much of what is there, instead I will try to recap what was said.

The Plavi Vjesnik (Publisher: Vjesnik, Zagreb) comic started in 1st October 1954 and ran right up to 1973 (a total of 979 issues). These were basically reprints of the Eagle comic, featuring Den Deri, Pilot Buducnosti.

Since then, various revivals of the comic have been attempted:

    Plavi Zabavnik (1992) - 6 issues only
    Plavi Vjesnik (1999) - 2 issues only – numbered 980-981
    Plavi Vjesnik (2001) - 5 issues only – numbered 982-986

Berislav Krzic (webmaster for the above mentioned site) has been in touch to say : "when writing about the Croatian DD issues, maybe it would be more appropriate to divide it from the rest of the former Yugoslavia. While DD appeared in ZOV and Plavi vjesnik which were published in Croatia, the rest of the publications were published in Serbia (EKS Almanah, Panorama, etc...). Of course, due to the similar language (which was also official for the whole of Yugoslavia) these publications were read in all of the 6 Republics."

I can only say that I will endeavour to get round to separating the two country's issues in time, and thanks for the info.

I have few examples of these comics, so further information is required. If you can throw some light on these, please drop us an email.

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